The Faculty of Science is proud to host the travelling exhibit, New Eyes on the Universe, showcasing the science of SNO and SNOLAB. Click here for opening hours and exhibit events.

Welcome to the Faculty of Science

We are a thriving community of scholars, researchers and teachers with a passion for learning and exchanging ideas.

Our mission is to create, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge. We innovate and excel in teaching and research, so as to advance the goals of the University  and the development of society.



Food Science grads find success after Carleton

Carleton’s Food Science and Nutrition Program can take graduates in many career directions within the food industry, if the inaugural class of 2012 is any indication.

Maria DeRosa's DNA Research: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Maria DeRosa is looking for a needle in a haystack—actually several different needles in a variety of haystacks. Created in her lab, these haystacks are piles of DNA sequences she synthesized in the hopes that one of them would be the aptamer she had in mind.

Carleton Institute of Data Science Presents Data Day 4.0

​​Carleton University’s Institute of Data Science will host Data Day 4.0 – an annual conference that celebrates the latest developments in data science and analytics research. This year’s event will feature a keynote address, panel discussions, research presentations, a student poster competition, a speed networking session and more.

Sonia Chiasson and Myron Smith win graduate mentoring awards

On March 1, seven faculty members were presented with a 2016 Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award. Sonia Chiasson, Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science, and Myron Smith, Associate Professor in the Department of Biology, were among the winners.